Sound Envelopes are electronic musical postcards, created by Passepartout Duo.

Each wooden postcard contains an original print by Mari Aspola. A headphone jack allows a recipient of the postcard to enjoy an original musical track when the postcard is plugged in through USB. Alongside the postcard, instructions are given directing the recipient to pass the postcard along to a friend, through the post or in person, who lives further east than them. The goal is for these Sound Envelopes to end their journey at our exhibition in the Nakanojo Biennale in Japan, where the story of their travels will be told. Listeners of the postcards are encouraged to be in touch with the duo, to document the journey. These original five sound envelopes were given to recipients in Rauma, Finland on Christmas Day, 2018.

Sound Envelope, created by Passepartout Duo with print by Mari Aspola

The five tracks were written and recorded by Passepartout Duo in Rauma, Finland during our eight-week-long residency with RaumArs Artist in Residence Program for our inaugural set of Sound Envelopes. Inspired by the aesthetics in Old Rauma, the UNESCO Heritage town center featuring wooden houses and hidden courtyards, our music endeavors to encompass the mystical background present in everyday Finnish life. The music is written for a set of portable electronic instruments that allow the duo to play anywhere. Alongside amplified vibraphone bars, a main feature of this instrumentation is the bitKlavier, a digitally prepared piano instrument that augments and manipulates the keyboard’s sound in realtime.