Passepartout Duo’s debut EP

Nicoletta Favari, Christopher Salvito, Yumo Wu, and Yannis Zhang arrived in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland on December 1st, 2017. Positioned just half a degree south of the Arctic Circle, the four spent nine weeks without sun reflecting on the connections between artists, the environment, and the unique local community. A collaboration between two musicians and two visual artists, the end result is an album containing four original tracks alongside cyanotype prints, inspired by this small fishing town during winter.

A Collaboration aCross disciplines

Produced in Beijing by AnyOne Workspace, Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu’s arts organization, the 10” vinyl record features cyanotype prints inspired by Ólafsfjörður’s undersea inhabitants.

The work came to fruition during the four artists’ stay at Listhús residency. There, Yumo Wu created a “cyanotype diary” that used natural materials to measure the waning sunlight as the solstice approached. Taking the medium into this collaboration, Yumo created a series of five prints through fish X-rays.

Growing organically from the idea of creating an art object that favors either being listened to or hung on the wall, the vinyl is also packaged in limited edition silk-screen prints numbered and signed by the artist.

Limited edition print
41 x 79 cm, silk-screen print of cyanotype artwork
Edition of 50, numbered and signed by Yumo Wu

The cyanotype method is a photographic printing process that produces a blue print when chemically-treated paper is exposed to sunlight. While in Iceland, Yumo Wu used this technique to track changes in daylight hours during the winter. Each print sold here is 1 of an edition of 50 silk-screen reproductions of Yumo's original works. Editions will be created by Yumo featuring each of the 5 prints shown here, and it is possible to request any of the 5 specific prints. Purchasers of this item will be put directly in contact with Yumo Wu. 

Released December 21, 2018 

Music by Passepartout Duo
Nicoletta Favari: piano and keyboards
Christopher Salvito: drums and percussion
Album design and concept by AnyOne Workspace
Yumo Wu: cyanotype prints and original artworks
Yannis Zhang: album production

Special thanks to Alice Liu and Listhús / Skammdegi Festival, Teresa Cheung, and the Schär family / Bau 4.

Ólafsfjörður was recorded in January / February 2018 in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland and Altbüron, Switzerland.

Fish X-rays used in the artwork process were given courtesy of the Vancouver Aquarium.

ÓLAFSFJÖRÐUR, in photos: