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Ever since they began collaborating in 2015, the musicians of Passepartout Duo have sought to revitalize the forms and practice of contemporary music through immersive events, interpretive music videos, and interdisciplinary projects that emphasize blurring cultural and aesthetic borders.

Striving to be catalysts for the global mobility of art and artists, Nicoletta Favari (piano) & Christopher Salvito (percussion) have taken the works of emerging and established composers all over the world. They complement the existing and commissioned repertoire with their own original compositions often taking inspiration from their travels. Creating films that document their interpretations and compositions, they seek to showcase contemporary classical music in accessible formats through online videos.

While they are proudly self-sufficient in their management, recording, filming, and touring activities, the duo is also always eager to create collaborations across disciplines. Their collaborators have included the Gent-based animator Anna van Riel, the Beijing based visual artists Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu, Jacob Storer of the Trisha Brown dance company, and Santa Monica’s Barak Ballet.

Their enthusiastic globetrotting has been made possible with the support of countless artist residencies that have provided them access to platforms in rural and urban locations around the world. The Duo has also presented their work at a variety of music festivals including the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), the Havana Contemporary Music Festival (CU), the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival (US), the Dark Music Days Festival (IS), and the Summartónar Festival (FO).

As an ensemble they have been awarded fellowships at the inaugural Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab (US), residencies at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in China (2019-2020) and the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva (2019), and exhibitions at The Factory in Iceland (2018) and at the Nakanojo Biennale in Japan (2019). 

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"Two people proving over and over again that artistry exists without barriers of any form. The common expectations for a pianist and a percussionist playing truly contemporary duets fit a particular stereotype, one that the duo shatters daily with modern music that is globalized and far-reaching and provocative and, yes, even beautiful."

Benjamin Pomerance
Lake Champlain Weekly

"A captivating and successful performance - much applause."

Thomas Ziegner
Rottenburger Post (DE)

"Masters of this daily art that is substantiating their own dreams"

Miryam Scandola
Pantheon Verona (IT)

"A simply enjoyable, streamlined listen."

Laura Studarus