Our Tour of Europe in 2016


During this tour Passepartout Duo presented three American compositions and two European ones in France, UK, Italy, and Switzerland. We wanted to include a variety of styles, and we decided to feature a vibraphone solo too, as an homage to Donatoni and the city where he was born.

The Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians gave us some beautiful photos to share, as well as these wonderful words:

"On 17 March our offices were filled with hitherto unseen instruments: vibraphone, marimba and stylophone.
The two young musicians - Italian pianist from Glasgow, Nicoletta Favari, and drummer Christopher Salvito from New York - make up Duo Passepartout and very much prescribe to contemporary music, which was showcased in the three pieces they performed for us.
All three pieces were impressively executed from memory and perfectly together: 
“C” a piece for piano and vibraphone by the young American composer Hannah Lash; "Quatre pièces fébriles" by George Aperghis; and “Can you hear me?” by Wally Gunn, a small piece for piano, drums and stylophone. The stylophone starts with the Morse Code for “Can you hear me?” for the piece of the same title, and the rhythm forms the basis of the piece and continues cleverly throughout."


Images ©foryoungmusicans.ch


At each performance, our audiences featured some special old friends to reconnect with. On the way, we were helped and hosted by amazing generous people:

Donal McHugh

Emilie Morin

Juta Pranulytė

Jonathan Plowright

Adam Rosenblatt 

Eric Sammut

Denzler Shafei

Benjamin Soistier

Adam Swayne

Giorgia Valeruz

Sophie Vasset

Federico Zandona


And of course:

Georges Aperghis

John Luther Adams

Franco Donatoni

Wally Gunn

Hannah Lash

Giulia Andreoli

Mattia Basi

Luciane Cardassi

Olmo Chittò

Shao-Wei Chou

Davide Erbogasto

Clémence Faber

Loris Favari & the Favaris

Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw

Maria Giuditta Guglielmi

Guido Guidorizzi

Noemi Haire-Sievers

Jacobo Hernández

Isabel Heusser

Mari Humalajoki

Mirko Gragnato

John Spyro Kamfonas

Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan

Becca Lamburn

Robert Louden


Our travel was the summation of hundreds of emails and months of organization, only some awkward logistical situations happened, but we also had some fun and lots of great food too! Special times to be remembered in English pubs and Brittany creperies, chicken baskets on the Gotthard, and French omelettes and flans. Hope you enjoy a few pictures from each of the cities, the highlight of which was our beautiful drive through the Alps from Verona to Basel.