Cuba: November 2017

Passepartout Duo's travels to Cuba were interesting and enriching: we performed at the Havana Contemporary Music Festival, and at Espacios Ibsen Festival. Thanks to plenty of local artists, we visited ISA, the half-abandoned art school, and ventured throughout the city. Take a look at our photos below:

A place to escape the heat and the hardship: the Malecón

Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), is an art school in Cuba. Originally an American country club, the school was promised to be one of the greatest art schools in the world. Now, its buildings stand in various states of completion, with only the visual art building in full use.

Rice, yucca, and ropa vieja

"Latin America's tallest, largest hotel," read a Hilton ad in 1958, just eight months before Castro's revolution.

A message from the CDR (Comités de Defensa de la Revolución), a network of committees within the country that exist to help report counter-revolutionary activity throughout Cuba.

Unit 206-07 of the Provincial Commerce Company: a small Libreta store in Havana sells rationed goods like sugar and bread.

In Havana, Jose Martí is everywhere.