Passepartout Duo, an instrumental music group based nowhere, traveling the world creating music with whatever they find and whoever they meet.

A remote permaculture homestead in the Sahara Desert, a northern Icelandic fishing community where the sun cannot rise, an underground theater within the bustling streets of Havana, a wooden house building factory in the Swiss Alps, a historic post and customs house on its own island in the Baltic Sea: our home shifts from month to month between cultures and continents, attempting to find new ways of living as artists in a changing world. During an artist residency in Iceland, we wrote and recorded our debut album, named Ólafsfjördur after the town it was created in, alongside the Beijing-based artist couple of Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu. The new vinyl LP is housed in the original cyanotype prints of the couple and is a new kind of artwork in response to the question: why create a physical album in the digital age? The album is currently on exhibition at an abandoned herring factory in Djupavík, Iceland, and will be self-released on September 1st, 2018.

Exhibition at the Factory in Djupavík, Iceland

Jun. 1 - Sep. 1, 2018

Presentation of the Album at the Beijing Art Fair

Jul. 26 - Jul. 29, 2018

Release date of the album: Ólafsfjördur

Sep. 1, 2018

Some photos from what we've done, and where we've been: