Japan: The Nakanojo Biennale 2019

Nakanojo is the kind of sleepy little town that, for one reason or another, we usually end up staying in. Every two years it awakens again with a sprawling Biennale of contemporary art that hosts over 100 artists. The Biennale focuses on repurposing abandoned and otherwise unused spaces as art venues, taking participants a long way from the white walls of galleries with some stunning results!

A Northern Year

A Northern Year

Our Nordic Project took us to Denmark, Iceland, Finland (twice), Norway (twice), Sweden, and the Faroe Islands. We were able to premiere works by nine composers and perform at the Summartónar Festival (FO) and Dark Music Days (IS). Hafdís Bjarnadottír wrote us a piece called A Northern Year - we think it’s also a perfect title for our journey. Here are some of the highlights from each stop.

US Tour 2017

The tour took place place in March 2017 with ten concerts where we presented the following repertoire: Hannah Lash - C, Georges Aperghis - Quatre Pieces Febriles, Andy Akiho - Karakurenai, Wally Gunn - Can You Hear Me?, Nikolai Kapustin - Burlesque op. 97 and Nearly Waltz op. 98, and Steve Reich - Quartet