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Less is More

Dynamic lighting design meets music, performed and staged by Passepartout Duo

Less is More is a conceptual program of works presented by Passepartout Duo, the centerpiece of which is Molly Joyce's piece "Less is More." Less is More draws on the thread of minimalist aesthetics and the way in which messages are sent and received in analogue and digital worlds. The works on the program deal with ideas of efficiency and simplicity; with onstage lighting performed by the ensemble, the program is a wholly audiovisual experience. 

Commissioned by Justus and Elizabeth Schilichting for the Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab

Past and Future Performances of

Less is More:

Concert Program Information / Less is More / Mixed Materials / Full Repertoire List

Mixed Materials

Synopsis: Two young art school grads are very determined to throw themselves into the art world and be successful. But not everything goes as planned... Fortunately, there's always grandma. 


Mixed Materials is an animated short film by Anna van Riel with music by Passepartout Duo. Van Riel's animations create a sense of childlike play that also highlights the melancholy of day-to-day life. From the perspective of artists, animals, and ancestors, the audience feels a sense of nostalgia for a place they might not yet be familiar with: the Flemish countryside.

The film was premiered in October 2017 at Film Fest Gent. For information about coordinating a screening of Mixed Materials please contact Anna Van Riel.

Past and Future Screenings of

Mixed Materials:

Film trailer from the 44th Film Fest Gent

Concert Program Information / Less is More / Mixed Materials / Full Repertoire List

Full Repertoire List

John Luther Adams - Red Arc / Blue Veil

Christopher Adler - The Toy Robot's Mechanical Heart

Andy Akiho - Karakurenai

Georges Aperghis - Quatre Pièces Fébriles

Kaj Duncan David - 4c0st1ctr1g3r

Wally Gunn - Can You Hear Me?

Bryan Jacobs - Piano+Electronics

Molly Joyce - Less is More

Nikolai Kapustin - Burlesque, Op. 97

Nikolai Kapustin - Nearly Waltz, Op. 98

Hannah Lash - C

Lansing McLoskey - This Will Not Be Loud and Relentless

Filip de Melo - Interger Valor

Eirik Moland - Creation Sighs

Mayke Nas - DiGiT #2

Steve Reich - Clapping Music

Steve Reich - Quartet