The Sharjah Art Foundation Residency Programme //

Supporting Materials - Passepartout Duo


Listen to the full album here:

Our debut EP, Skíðblaðnir, was written and recorded in Iceland in collaboration with Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu, and is the precursor to the project we’re proposing. It is a reflection on our time Ólafsfjordur, Iceland and the people of its vivid and abundant fishing industry. A video filmed by the Duo of the title track is included on the right.

Less is More

Less is More is a piece composed by Molly Joyce, performed by Passepartout Duo, and danced by Jacob Storer. The film has been officially selected at numerous international film festivals and is an example of Passepartout Duo’s musical performance and film work.



The Toy Robot’s Mechanical Heart

The Toy Robot’s Mechanical Heart is a piece by Christopher Adler. Passepartout Duo rehearsed and filmed the piece during their residency in Marrakech, Morocco at Art Slimane. This is an example of the way in which we’ve chosen to include residency environments in our film to capture the nature and mood of a specific geography and community. Each of our films can act as a time-capsule for the residency experience itself.  


C is a piece by Hannah Lash for vibraphone and piano performed and filmed by Passepartout Duo.





Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me? is a piece by Wally Gunn for drumset and piano performed and filmed by Passepartout Duo. The piece is based on the morse code message, “Can You Hear Me?”