by Passepartout Duo

Duration: 18'29"

For musicians, creating a new work in Iceland has so many implications. With titans like Björk and Sigur Rós in the foreground of a very distinctive global image, we felt their was almost an irony to titling the tracks in Icelandic. The overall approach to the music comes back to subtle introductions of harmonic tintinnabulation and a natural harmonic series, or the undertones we see daily in the Icelandic landscape. In addition to Yannis Zhang's guitar work, the final track, "Lítið eitt..." includes a poem by Ingi Johannesson, a retired fisherman from Ólafsfjörður. Many Icelandic people seem to take on multi-disciplined careers: we met actors/doctors, filmmakers/farmers, and a poet/athletic instructor. By collaborating with Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu (art and design,) we're seeking to create an album that is a cohesive product beyond its musical contents. The end result will be a vinyl LP with one side of music, and another of original visual art created for each individual record.