Educational Programs


For Composition Students

  • Lectures on being a musician and an entrepreneur
  • Class on writing for piano and percussion
  • Workshops, recording sessions, and performances of new student works

Passepartout Duo can provide young composers with the unique opportunity to have professional musicians offer dedicated time to their new works. Most recently, Passepartout Duo was in residence at University of Miami's Frost School of Music, where they premiered works from the young composers studying there. Recordings of two of the students works are provided below:

For Performers

  • Lectures on being a musician and an entrepreneur
  • Coaching sessions on contemporary chamber music
  • Polyrhythm Workshop
    • Passepartout Duo believes that polyrhythm is the cornerstone of accurate musical interpretation: this class shows through a Carnatic syllable system an engage way to create accurate rhythmic interpretation. The result of the workshop is a group performance of Andy Akiho's Piece: Karakurenai
  • Memorizing Chamber Music
    • how to effectively learn and memorize music with deadlines
    • Open discussion about creating a life as an artist: What is our responsibility, and how can we make a difference?

    Passepartout Duo can provide young performers with an equally profitable opportunity to learn in an environment that fosters individual thinking, and creativity in the arts world. As a professional performing ensemble, the duo can provide insight about the entrepreneurial sides of being a musician, effectively learning and memorizing music on a tight schedule, and creating a place in the music world where the student can make a difference. Most recently, Passepartout Duo provided a coaching session, performance, and open discussion for the percussion students at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee.