Ever since they began collaborating in 2015, the musicians of Passepartout Duo have been known for their tireless advocacy of new music, ideas that cross aesthetic boundaries, and the compelling films they create. Driven by their shared values of music, people, and travel, Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito's simple and elegant approach has already earned them a reputation as a thoughtful and promising emerging group within the contemporary music field.

Contact Us
Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito
T +32 (0)48 765 84 93
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Kunstort ELEVEN artspace (de)
Kammari Residency (cy)
Fiskars AiR (fi)
Eckerö Post & Tullhus (fi)
Bau 4, Schärholzbau (ch)
Skammdegi Festival (is)
Avaloch Farm (us)
Hill & Hollow Music (us)
La Casa del Herrero (es)
Dar Slimane (ma)
The Hill House (us)
The Banff Centre (ca)

What We Do
Film making

Yannis Zhang (architecture)
Yumo Wu (visual art)
Jacob Storer (dance)
Anna Van Riel (animation)
Lola Drubigny (photo/film)

Support / Donors
Movin'up Spettacolo  
Nordisk Kulturfond
Nordic Culture Point
The Danish Arts Foundation
Help Musicians UK
Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust
The Hope Scott Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Mackie
The Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust
The Peabody Institute
The Deablitz Fund
The Banff Centre

Educational Events
The University of Miami (us)
Vanderbilt University (us)
ACES Education Center for the Arts (us)


"But at the center of it all, the work of this two-year-old duo boils down to a single common theme: two people proving over and over again that artistry exists without barriers of any form. The common expectations for a pianist and a percussionist playing truly contemporary duets fit a particular stereotype, one that the duo shatters daily with modern music that is globalized and far-reaching and provocative and, yes, even beautiful."

Benjamin Pomerance
Lake Champlain Weekly

"A simply enjoyable, streamlined listen."

Laura Studarus

 © Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians

© Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians